#2 - NEW Abraham P Harder - The Legacy

  A snapshot into the life of one family during the height of the immigration push in the Midwestern states when governments and railroad companies conspired to populate empty homestead land with productive citizens from the Old World. The methods of the land hucksters rivaled that of the roving peddlers, leaving new immigrants at the mercy of the elements once they had made the sale. 
  Here's one young family's story of faith and toil, first in southern Minnesota, then in South Dakota, then in North Dakota, and finally in northern Minnesota, as they followed the promises and the dreams and heard the whispers of promised success.

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Released November 5th through CreateSpace.com and Amazon.com in both paperback and Kindle format. 

About the author: Stan worked for more than 15 years in management of several large Christian bookstores. His passion was and still is to see quality inspirational books published and distributed, to transform people’s lives. The powerful impact on clients and friends has confirmed his belief that “the 26 soldiers of lead” are a powerful tool for transforming society from the inside out.

Since the early 1990's he has worked in the field Information Technology as network engineer, director of technology, and more recently in technology support services. He loves technology because it is capable of transforming a business when implemented correctly. It multiplies the human effort many times over.

Good books have that same effect as technology, transforming the human heart, causing it to soar from reading an inspirational novel, causing it to expand by learning from an informational text, and bringing correction to our wayward hearts when we most need it.

Stan has a Bachelor’s degree in Organizational Studies from Bethel University and a Master’s in Education from Northern Arizona University. Stan and his wife reside in Phoenix, Arizona. They have three adult children, two in education and one in electrical engineering.

"Abraham P Harder - The Legacy"